Fresh food, easily.

What we're up to is pretty simple. We empower businesses to provide their people fresh meals and snacks, without an onsite kitchen or staff.

Mama Gaia is a
plug-and-play smart fridge,
ready to make sales 24/7.

Whether you're a food vendor looking to expand
your retail footprint, a 9-5er looking for a side hustle, or a business
looking for fresh food onsite, we've got you covered.
Here's how Mama Gaia works:

simply grab, and go.

Scan the QR code to unlock the door, grab what you want, shut the door, and get on with your day.

alarm clock
open 24/7.

Our light is always on: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all 365 days of the year. Use the app to check live inventory whenever you want, wherever you are.

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We're all about getting customers to come back. We use an array of engagement tactics, like push notifications and weekly discounts, to keep your people happy.


By downloading the app, your customers can gain access to the fridge, provide feedback, check live inventory, and more.

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Inventory is tracked using artificial intelligence. This gives us clever insights into how product moves, and (more importantly) why some product isn't moving.

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Welcome to your personalized admin dashboard, full of powerful data, forward-looking insights, customer engagement tools, and so much more.

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We know, our fridges are pretty smart.

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Customers simply need to download the Mama Gaia app in order to engage with the fridge and you. Once they've downloaded the app, we can measure why and why not they're choosing the engage with your products.

Engagement autopilot

We have an arsenal of clever and creative tools at our disposal to keep customers happy and engaged, all of which are tech-enabled and automated based on data. Stop your guessing game. Sync up with us, and get the answers you need.

High visibility

We are all about repeat customers. We champion fridges that are serviced in places where it's the same customers over and over again, so we can truly understand what they like or don't like. Nurturing personalized customer service is everything to us.

Trailblazing insights

Gone are the days where we simply look at past sales data as a whole. Your data dashboard serves to give you eyes to the future. We serve you with the intelligence you need to run your food business with acumen, such that you can focus and pivot based on the needs of your customers and the industry at large.

AI on your side

We root for the little co's in the food industry. So much so, that we want to arm them with the biggest, baddest technology that will galvanize them to compete with the biggest players. We believe the future of sustainable food lies in the hands of the little guys. And that's exactly why we're here.

Tech simplified

We're a tech company, we love getting a little nerdy. But we've built this tech with the food industry in mind. We want our tech to operate in the background while providing you the tools you need to sustain longer. Feedback? We love it, we're all ears.

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