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We believe the future of sustainable food lies in the hands (and pots and pans) of small, localized food companies & supply chains.

We built this company to support the little folks doing big things in food. These are the principles we ascribe our platform to.

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Community-driven, thoughtful, sustainable

We are very thoughtful about who we choose to partner with. We like companies who put food first, who put community first, and who put the earth first. You'll never find a bag of mass-produced chips or candy in a Mama Gaia branded fridge, no matter who we partner up with. We choose to be intentional about our affiliates, because food should be intentional.

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Galvanizing, motivating, enlightening

We love the little companies that are doing big things in food. We built this for you. We've worked with enough small-time food companies to know the pain of big retail, and we want to be not only a breath of fresh air for you, but a jolt of excitement to get back to the reasons why you started.

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Hand cooking with flour
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Resourceful, intelligent, delightful

We love the word clever. We like to think of clever as the intersection of creativity and intelligence; finding innovative (and delightful) solutions to tough situations. We strive for our platform to deliver clever solutions to your toughest business challenges: insights and data you hadn't gathered while struggling to be seen on overcrowded retail shelves.

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Intuitive, data-driven, insightful

We're always looking forward, and we want to extend a hand and show you the way. We're not simply going to build you graphs showing your sales data from last week; we're building you graphs on what will sell best, how to change your product lineup to increase sales, and how to automatically re-engage your customers, without lifting a finger.

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Purposeful, clean, minimalist

We want you to be the star of the show. That's why you've probably noticed our fridges to be kind of a... blank canvas. This is done with intention: we want to step aside and let your brand shine, so that we can focus on the technology that will support you, and your growth.

For our fridges,
what matters is on the inside.

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