Vendor Spotlight: FourPoints

It’s no secret that Coloradoans have a deep love and passion for the outdoors. An active lifestyle is almost inevitable between the vast hiking, biking, skiing, and climbing access this colorful state has to offer. And with so much room for recreation, one company is making sure that wherever you play, you have the energy to keep moving.

power to the prunes

FourPoints was created by brothers Kevin and Patrick Webber in 2014. Their mission was simple: create an energy bar that delivered long-lasting, sustained energy, without the sugar spike and crash. The secret ingredient? California prunes.

“We grew up eating prunes because our grandmother was diabetic. Prunes actually have the lowest glycemic level of any dried fruit, and the highest antioxidant capacity of any dried fruit,” says co-founder Kevin Webber.

a new kind of energy efficiency

The vast majority of other energy and protein bars on the market sweeten their products with either dates or syrups, containing a higher glycemic level and providing a short-lived burst of energy. 

This is where FourPoints bars really shine: they provide up to 3-4 hours of sustained energy without compromising blood sugar levels. As an added benefit, the bars satiate you for a pretty long period of time—up to 5 hours. It’s a dense, nutrient-packed snack that leaves you feeling good.

The bars are also suitable for plant-based and non-plant-based diets. The slow-burn energy bars contain hemp-based protein, while the tactical protein bars are all whey-based. Across all the flavors, you’ll get the same high-quality ingredients in each bar, just with a different source of protein.

a full-impact bar

The impact of this Denver-born and bred business goes even deeper than just physical health. Every purchase made supports non-profits in the outdoor industry; one of the most popular being 1% for the Planet. FourPoints has turned their catchy ‘Wherever You Play’ tagline into an environmental initiative everyone can get behind. 

“Part of our ‘Wherever You Play’ campaign is to promote the outdoor lifestyle and help people get out there and play. We’re also helping them understand that they have a responsibility to keep this place sacred and protected,” says Webber.

find fourpoints

Feeling hungry? Take a peek inside a Mama Gaia Smart Fridge. There’s a full-impact, energy-boosting FourPoints bar waiting for you. 😉

Outside of the fridge, you can find FourPoints at REI’s nationally, on Amazon Prime, regionally in Safeway stores, locally in King Soopers, and in select Natural Grocers and Lucky’s stores. You can also order FourPoints directly from their website, at

Keep up with Kevin, Patrick, and the FourPoints journey:




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