Seven Vital Residential Building Amenities for Property Managers

If you own, manage, or work with an apartment complex or other residential building, you’re probably always looking for one thing: ways to win over prospective tenants. What’s setting you apart from your competition?

That’s where residential building amenities come in. In short, building amenities are things that your building contains— a pool, snack fridges, security, etc.— that residents can make use of. This is your opportunity to set your building apart. The better your amenities, the better an experience your tenants will have, and the higher lease renewals will be. 

So what amenities should you have? Well, there are a few obvious considerations that all buildings can benefit from, such as good security, laundry facilities, and easy access to parking. But, to tailor your building to your tenants’ wants, let’s take a look at seven of the best building amenities. 

  1. Reliable, fast Wi-Fi

Though it may seem obvious, this is one of the most important residential building amenities. These days, almost everything is online, and if tenants can’t easily access the internet in your building, they won’t want to live there. And especially during COVID times, this amenity is almost a non-negotiable as most people work from home.

  1. Community space

This space can serve a double purpose. On most days, it could be a lounge for tenants to hang out, spend time with others, and have fun. You can even add a game room, with pool tables, ping-pong tables, pinball machines, video games, and more. 

But, for special occasions, you could give tenants the option to rent the room for private events. This means you could host all manner of parties, weddings, and other celebrations. And, you could do the same thing for your own events— like if you wanted to throw a holiday party for all of the building’s residents. 

  1. Fitness centers

Lots of people like to exercise, whether it’s to stay fit or just for the adrenaline rush. Having your own fitness center, which can be used by any of your residents, can give you a huge edge over the competition. This means your tenants are getting an apartment and a gym all in one. 

  1. Outdoor spaces

Similar to indoor community space, you can have an outdoor space for your tenants as well. This could be a walled-off garden, a swimming pool, or even a playground for kids. You could try out a community garden, letting everyone work together to maintain it. Consider the types of people you may have living there, and provide something that they could all use and enjoy. 

  1. Dining options

This is one of the most important residential building amenities, because it can really set your building apart from others. Having in-house dining options means that residents won’t have to leave when they’re hungry, and it can give you more income. 

There are many options here. You could have a full food court, with multiple restaurants. Or maybe you want to hire your own kitchen staff and offer your own food. Or, for something simpler, try a snack fridge or vending machines.

Are you looking for dining amenities for your residential building? A Mama Gaia fridge may be the perfect fit. We provide quick, easy access to food that is healthy and locally sourced, so you and your tenants can grab delicious, healthy meals and snacks whenever you want them. 

Make sure that your tenants also have somewhere to eat this food. Outdoor dining areas can be especially nice for the warmer months, as many people love eating outside in the warm sun. 

  1. Pet amenities

If your building allows pets, you want to accommodate them as well. Having a doggie bag station is a must, in case of accidents. You could also provide pet washing and grooming stations or if you have the space, even a full dog park! 

  1. Community working space

This is the last stop on this residential building amenities list. These days, a lot of people are working from home, and the trend continues to grow. Providing a community workspace, complete with desks, printers, bulletin boards, and paper, can give your tenants a place to do their work and not feel isolated. 

This will be a great way to draw in people who work online but hate being alone, as they can not only work with other people, but they have a set space to do it. Plus, it could provide you or your employees a place to work too, and build rapport with your tenants. 

Hopefully you now understand why residential building amenities are so important, and which ones might be good for your building. But this is by no means an exhaustive list! You can find building amenities to fit whatever needs you may have, and your tenants will be all the happier because of it.

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