How to Eat Vegan This Week, Without Compromising Your Busy Schedule

Eating healthy while on-the-go seems to be a common challenge. The idea of eating vegan – avoiding animal products and by-products each day – may seem even more grueling, especially if you’re in the midst of a busy work week. 

When we think veganism, our minds typically go to greens and only greens, which, sometimes, can be the case. However, vegan options are evolving. In a world knowledgeable of sustainability, plant-based food is ever-growing and becoming easier to obtain than you might think – just as easy as the bag of chips you felt guilty about quickly grabbing because you were in a hurry.

Why eat plant-based? If you’ve ever seen a food chain, you’re aware of how things move through our biosphere. From plants to animals to humans – the natural process that has existed forever. Natural doesn’t always mean necessary. Sustainability is a word we’re hearing more often and a fairly new concept, but how does it relate to veganism? It’s simple: not only is energy lost in the production of animal products, but copious amounts of water and land are also wasted, and far more greenhouse gases are emitted. That’s right: the environment will thank you if you eat a vegan meal instead of a meat based one. 

Nowadays, most vegan superfoods are packed with nutrients and protein, some of which include more than meat! Therefore, if you decide to eat vegan, you will have a witty answer when people inevitably ask you, “Where are you getting your protein?” 

If you’re a dedicated vegan, an only-on-the-weekdays vegan, or if you’re a carnivore trying a plant-based diet for a week or for a month, there are a few vegan basics to know and fundamental foods to choose, particularly for those of us who have fast paced lives and full schedules.

It’s possible to not replace meat in a meal. Crazy, right? But when you do crave something to sit in the place of meat, look no further than tofu, which comes in many forms and can mimic the taste of anything, really. For lunch, when you only have a thirty-minute break, your work runs over, and your stomach is growling: try a grab-and-go salad, like the organic sesame tofu salad from Vert Kitchen. Instead of the usual chicken, you probably won’t notice the difference in the tofu, and you’ll still receive over fifteen grams of protein.

Around two o’clock, we all hit a bump, where we need a pick-me-up. What if there was a delicious vegan snack you don’t have to feel bad about, unlike the generic chocolate bar you could grab at any checkout counter? With creamy almond butter and crunchy nuts, an almond butter protein bar from Bobo’s Oat Bars will revive you until dinnertime, helping you push through that afternoon funk. 

To refresh yourself in the morning and well into the day, health drinks are always the best remedy and include those vital nutrients our body produces better with. There are plenty to choose from, most of which are organic and vegan. From Upstart Kombucha, a berry black kombucha – balanced with earthy flavors and simple organic ingredients – can be your next refreshing beverage to grab on the way back to work.

When you’ve had a long day at the office and you’re far too exhausted to cook an entire meal, an on-the-go soup is a healthy and hearty option. Vegan soups are aplenty and are just as delicious as any meat-based soup. A creamy blend of carrots, coconut milk, onion, and cashews, the organic carrot soup by Vert Kitchen is the perfect feel-good meal to your day’s end. 

Being healthy and maintaining a vegan diet while balancing a busy lifestyle is achievable, keeping these aforementioned hacks and tips in mind. A plant-based diet is the most sustainable option, protein comes in all shapes and sizes, and, lastly, you don’t always have to replace meat in your vegan meals. With a conscientious mind and a little more attention to detail and to the ingredients that enter your body, you can make it through the week happy and healthy in your food choices. 

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