How Fresh Food Amenities at Apartment Complexes are a Game Changer

A significant aspect of being a young professional or college student is having to live life on the go. Whether having to go to class or work, these people constantly have to be moving. For many young professionals and college students alike, they primarily utilize apartment complexes as their living spaces. In these apartment complexes, it is extremely important that high quality amenities are provided to tenants. However, when it comes to the food amenities offered in these communities, the options to choose from aren’t always the healthiest. With this in mind, here’s how healthy, fresh food amenities offered at apartment complexes would completely change the game for tenants.


A great example of healthy, fresh food amenities for apartment complexes are Mama Gaia’s Smart Fridges. At Mama Gaia, we use our Smart Fridge technology to offer fresh food on-the-go at locations where people spend most of their days. As a result, we empower businesses like apartment complexes to provide its tenants with fresh, locally- sourced meals and snacks. This is all done without needing to provide an onsite kitchen or staff. In turn, the Smart Fridges we provide to apartment complexes will serve a similar function that vending machines and food bars do, while offering healthier, fresh food options.

At Mama Gaia, our Smart Fridges are equipped with AI computer vision technology to make grabbing food at an apartment complex a simple and user-friendly endeavor. This would allow tenants to simply walk up and unlock the fridge using the Mama Gaia app. From here, the customers can grab whatever healthy, fresh food they want, shut the door and quickly get on with the rest of their day. This convenience and capability with its AI computer vision technology makes our Smart Fridges a game changer for apartment tenants. Amenities like our Smart Fridges allow college students and young professionals alike to easily grab the fresh food they want at their respective apartments and carry on with the rest of their days.   

Nutrition and Fitness 

Another aspect that makes fresh food amenities a game changer for tenants at apartment complexes is the nutritional value that these sorts of foods offer. At Mama Gaia, we make it our mission to prepare and offer organic vegetarian (and gluten-free) food that’s accessible to everyone. The fresh, healthy meals we provide in our Smart Fridges range from salads, paninis, cold brew coffee, smoothies, kombucha, proteins bars and more. These foods are healthier alternatives compared to what is offered in apartment vending machines. In the same vein, many young professionals and college students who live in apartments also work out and go to the gym regularly. So it would be logical to assume that tenants would get much use out of a Smart Fridge from Mama Gaia at their respective apartments with a fresh, healthy pre or post workout meal.

With AI computer vision technology and the many nutritional/health upsides, fresh food amenities like Mama Gaia’s Smart Fridges being offered at apartment complexes would completely change the game for tenants.           


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