Make sales 24 hours a day with Mama Gaia

Mama Gaia enables you to make cashier-less sales, harness predictive insights through artificial intelligence, and nurture new & repeat customers through automated engagement.

Yup, we gave your 👵🏼 vending machine a fresh new look, from the inside out.

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Built to be
franchised & white-labelled

Fighting for attention on crowded grocery aisles is hard. Digital grocery aisles are even harder. Take your stake in the overlooked $36B vending machine industry, and learn how we're reinvigorating an old industry with new tech to keep customers coming back.

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at your

Customers simply need to download the Mama Gaia app in order to engage with the fridge and you. Once they've downloaded the app, we can measure why and (more importantly) why not they're choosing to engage with your products.

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Power up
with artificial intelligence

We root for the little co's in the food industry. So much so, that we want to arm them with the biggest, baddest technology that will galvanize them to compete with the biggest players. We believe the future of sustainable food lies in the hands of the little guys.

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lets you get back to why you started

We have an arsenal of clever and creative tools at our disposal to keep customers happy and engaged, all of which are tech-enabled and automated based on data. Stop your guessing game. Sync up with us, and get the answers you need.

Keep your people
happy, with the joy of food.

We empower businesses of all kinds to offer
fresh meals & snacks, without an onsite kitchen.

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Residential Communities

Attract and retain tenants with a unique amenity that'll make you stand out from your competition.

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Keep students (and parents) happy by providing fresh, healthy meals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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& Healthcare

You work better when you're nourished. Enjoy fresh food without taking a step out of your day.

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Our fridges
are pretty chill.

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